Walking Tours

If you are looking for things to do in Chicago, choose a leisurely walk through the heart of downtown Chicago (the “Loop”) along the scenic, newly built Riverwalk or through the secret corridors of the “underground city” – the Pedway. During our Chicago tours, you will listen to gripping tales of Chicago’s past, present and future, with opportunities to win prizes if you can answer the tour guide’s pop-culture trivia questions along the way!

Explore with us on the Riverwalk and listen as our guides describe the forging events that helped shape Chicago into one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Featured stories include the Fort Dearborn Massacre, Union Stockyards, the Great Chicago Fire, and more.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Rates: Adults $25 | Seniors $20 | Children $20

On this walking tour, guests will visit and explore some of the city’s most iconic Hotels and be taken into some of the city’s architectural wonders that no bus or boat tour could ever offer. These historical temples provide a look at the “handwriting” of Chicago’s past while capturing the era in which they were constructed. These hotels offer our guests a passage back in time as they listen to intriguing stories that peel away myth and fact.

Duration: 3 hours includes intermission

Rates: Adults: $25 | Seniors: $20 | Children: $20

Explore the Riverwalk with us and experience its lush green spaces, cafes, and retail spaces. Learn what makes Chicago one of the most unique cities in the world and the vital role the river played in the emergence of the city as the great Metropolis of the Midwest.

Duration: 2 hours includes short boat ride

Rates: Adults $20 | Seniors $15 | Children $15

Embark on a journey with us on this unique “urban safari” designed to examine some of the historical wonders and architectural gems scattered across the city. First, explore the newly expanded River Walk and hear stories about Chicago’s rich history including stories involving the Great Chicago Fire, Iroquois Theater Fire, River Reversal, Transportation Hub and the Midwest’s Economic Wonder. Then, stroll the “Loop” and visit some of the world’s first modern skyscrapers like the Marquette, Monadnock & Rookery Buildings.

Duration: 3 hours includes intermission

Rates: Adults $25 | Seniors $20 | Children $20

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