Crime and Corruption Tour


Journey with us into the dark side of Chicago’s wicked past and discover while “marinating” in its own juices of crime and corruption, how the “Windy City” became the ideal criminal playground for Al Capone!


Crime & Corruption Tour

“Chicago is unique. It is the only completely corrupt city in America”. – Charles Merriam

Unlike the City’s other crime tours that deal mostly with Capone and Dillinger during their Reign of crime, this unique excursion goes much deeper into Chicago’s mystique and debauchery.

Guests will learn how the City’s unmitigated depravity amassed wayward souls like moths to a bright light bulb and became perfectly suited for Capone to exploit.

Guests will quickly discover on this tour that Chicago’s egregious criminal reputation did not begin with Capone. Rather, sex, crime and political corruption are truly a part of the city’s DNA. In fact, it was Chicago’s innate iniquity that gave birth to Capone’s wrongdoing!

Perhaps, one of the reasons of Capone’s rapid transcendence from “thug” to kingpin” in less than 4 years lies within the framework of the City’s political system itself. Patronage, cronyism, kickbacks and a multitude of favors dispensed in return for votes became commonplace early in Chicago’s 180-year history.

Guests will receive a comprehensive map detailing the noted vice districts that were scattered across the city over the stained mist of time.

Guests will visit the scene of Chicago’s most wicked and decadent annual event – the First Ward Ball – a true “Carnival of Lechery”!

Guests will listen to gripping tales that introduce them to the Pantheon of Chicago’s criminality that preceded Capone including Mike McDonald, Mickey Finn, Hinky Dink and Bathhouse, the Eveleigh Sisters, Johnny Torrio and many others!

Additionally, guests will visit some of Chicago’s most notable crime scenes and vice districts including; The Sands, Under the Willow, Gamblers’ Row, “Untouchables” Headquarters, Whiskey Row, The Levee, Old Courthouse and many more!

Join us on this ultimate search of Chicago’s “underbelly” and see for yourself how this “Fertile Crescent” of sin, crime and corruption combusted into the perfect fusion of crime and became the perfect breeding ground for the most notorious criminal in United States history – Al Capone!


Sunday Dates available: 5-20, 7-1, 8-19, 10-7 & 10-7

Departs from and ends at Hyatt Regency – 151 East Upper Wacker Drive – 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

Check in begins at 12:30 pm near concierge desk – main lobby

Tour includes luxury bus, snacks and drinks

A minimum number of guests is needed to offer tour


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