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Pullman National Monument Bus Tour

Quick Details

Explore America’s first planned industrial community. Now a National Monument, the historic Pullman District takes our guests back in time to the late 1800s and reflects a simpler but turbulent time in America.

Duration: 3.5 Hours

When: 12:30pm, July 19th and October 18th

Meeting Point: McDonald’s – 600 North Clark Street

Includes: Luxury bus with restroom, snacks, and drinks

A minimum number of guests is needed to offer our industrial Chicago tour

  • This bus tour in Chicago is designed to celebrate the achievements of Chicago manufacturing behemoths and illuminate their legacies
  • Learn about the South Side’s most important endowments to America’s socioeconomic culture
  • The Pullman District is the tour’s main feature and America’s first Planned Industrial Community dating to 1880s
  • The Pullman legacy is extensive: Labor Reform, Industrial Planning, Civil Rights, and Education
  • This tour is design to celebrate the achievements of “southsider” and most importantly, illuminate their indelible legacy
  • You’ll discover, Pullman became a doorway to Civil Rights, Unionization, Planned Communities, and so much more

This three and a half hour tour journeys to the city’s far south side and immerses you into a thoughtful discussion of Chicago’s inimitable past and endless contributions to the American way of life. It promises to be informative, fun, and above all, entertaining.