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Join us on a one-of-a-kind journey that explores and discusses how the “Windy City” helped shape four genres of popular music that led to the birth of Rock N Roll.  Listen to numerous hits from our exclusive music playlist from the City’s legendary artists whose soulful sounds defined the American music scene for decades. This music of Chicago bus tour is a must-do for every visitor, no matter what style of music you call your favorite.

Tour includes: $15 admission to Chess Records Tour and drinks and snacks

Departs from: Buddy Guy’s Legends – 700 South Wabash Avenue

Ends at: Buddy Guy’s Legends – 700 south Wabash Avenue

Check in: 12:30 p.m. near main entrance

Duration: 3.5 hours

Select Fridays: May 10 & September 13

Please come prepared to play our music-friendly challenge – “Name that tune or artist”

Luxury Bus with restroom plus snacks & drinks

A minimum number of guests is needed to offer this Chicago music tour


Part One of this tour is not designed to be a complete history of Popular Music but rather, invite a discussion about an important Crossroad in American Culture – a crossroad in which Chicago artists from four different musical genres built the bridge that led to the birth of Rock N Roll in the 1950’s and early 60’s! Part Two (2020) of this journey will address in more detail, Rock N Roll and Popular Music from the mid to late 1960’s and focus on venues primarily located on Chicago’s North Side.

We will travel both the South side of Chicago and follow in the “greats” footsteps while reveling in the echoes of Mahalia, Buddy, Muddy, Howlin, Louis, Benny, Bix, Sam, Curtis so many more!

Listen carefully as our guide thoughtfully reveals the hidden mysteries and forgotten sounds that emanated all over Chicago which helped define American music in the 20th century. Guests will learn it truly was the sounds spawned by Chicago’s great Gospel, Jazz, Blues and R & B Artists that would launch the Rock n Roll phenomenon in America and over all the world!

Guests will enjoy some of the following music venues as they traverse the “Second City” on this tour; Chess Records & Willie Dixon Blues Heaven Foundation (tour), Pilgrim Baptist Church, Jazz Showcase, Sunset Café, Buddy Guy Legends, 47th & MLK, Riviera Theater and so many more!

As a warning, this tour is not for music experts but rather people who have a basic music appreciation and most importantly, possess a curiosity and desire to learn more about Chicago’s musical influence in creating great music.