Chicago’s High Society

Chicago is a city of extremes. The weather is blazing hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. You can just as easily find a great casual deep-dish pie as you would a high-end steak here. We’ve got the Cubs and the White Sox. Another extreme? The city’s distribution of wealth. While the…

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

Chicago has a storied history of welcoming Irish immigrants into its neighborhoods. Most famously, Chicago’s South Side has one of the largest Irish communities in the city. But the Irish-Americans are just as plentiful as the Italian-Americans throughout most of the city. 

Chicago Holiday Lights

Chicago in November means three things: cooler nights, darker days — and brighter lights. Holiday lights that is. The Windy City might get a little chillier this time of year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still get out and have a blast. These 10 winter wonderland activities are so entertaining that they’ll make you…

Celebrate Thanksgiving History in Chicago

Every American knows about the first feast between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. But how much do you know about the history of Thanksgiving in Chicago? While the activities at the first Thanksgiving are hotly debated, one thing remains clear: it’s a day of traditions (both new and old), family, food — and football….

12 Things to Do in Chicago for Halloween

The Windy City gets a bit chillier in the month of October. The days get shorter, and you can smell the aroma of fireplaces burning at night. In addition to simply enjoying the witchy atmosphere, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween here. Whether you’re into scary stories, pumpkin picking — or simply just the…

8 Best Historic Chicago Restaurants

Chicagoans are immensely proud of their city’s history. So much so that you can find remnants of the city’s history in every square inch of the Windy City — even in the restaurants. Here, you can find a meal at any price point to eat in a historic setting. There’s even a few foods that…

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chicago

Chicago is known for many things — it’s the home of deep dish pizza, some of the country’s most celebrated architecture and a Great Lake that’s the reason the city is so windy. Yet this second city has plenty more claims to fame where that came from. Find out everything you didn’t know about Chicago….

Top 10 Things to Do in Chicago Labor Day Weekend

Chicago is arguably the best city to spend your summer. From May to September, Chicago residents head to the beach to soak in some sun during the day and enjoy plenty of fireworks by night. Labor Day Weekend is the last opportunity to enjoy the summer fun before the winter chill sets in. Luckily, there…