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NEW Sin, Crime and Corruption Tour a Hit!

Our 3 hour tour was the VERY BEST crime tour I have ever taken… Dan, is a talking encyclopedia about the city’s history. A social or business group would be entertained, well informed and leave with a new understanding about Chicago. His newest tour, Sin, Crime and Corruption is filled with facts and history that goes beyond Al Capone” s legacy. You will be amazed and laugh at the the true stories that Dan brings to life …Well worth your time…

Visited March 2017

I have taken almost all of the tours offered by Chicago’s Finest Tours and they have all been great. This newest tour, “Sin, Crime and Corruption in the Windy City” was no exception. Dan did a fantastic job of explaining the history behind Chicago’s reputation for some infamous gangsters, politicians and criminal cases. We also had the opportunity to see some of the sites such as the Levee, the Chicago Coliseum and several others. Dan’s passion for the city and it’s history as well as his recall of facts, skill at story telling and helpful graphics make this a very interesting and educational tour. I highly recommend it as well as the other tours.

Visited March 2017

A fascinating look at Chicago’s history of sin, crime and corruption. Our tour guide Dan had obviously done a great deal of research. He was extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining, and the handouts helped make history come alive. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went by. We’ve already signed up for three more bus tours because he will be the tour guide.

Visited April 2017