Pedway & Loop Architectural Tour

Pedway & Loop Tour

Our “Pedway and Loop Architectural Tour” features discussions on Chicago's History & Architecture and is a combined indoor/outdoor walking tour. On this highly unique tour our guests will; hear captivating stories about the city’s rich history, view some of Chicago’s most iconic architecture and artwork while strolling the Pedway & “Loop”. While this excursion is held mainly inside the heated Pedway, guests will listen to heartrending stories of some of the city’s worse disasters, explore under the city in the mysterious Chicago Pedway and view some of its oldest surviving buildings all for the price of one! The tour lasts about 2 and ½ hours and includes a mile and half walk. The tour begins at Hyatt Regency Chicago - 151 East Upper Wacker – inside main lower lobby near Concierge desk at 1:00 PM every Wednesday and ends at the famous “Rookery” Building at 209 South LaSalle.

Pedway & Loop Architectural Tour Highlights

  • Tour Duration: 3 hours
  • Millennium Station
  • Chicago Cultural Center
  • Great Chicago Fire
  • Macy’s Department Store
  • Block 37
  • Iroquois Theater Fire
  • Daley Plaza
  • Chagall Mosaic
  • Monadnock Building
  • Marquette Building
  • Wingfoot Express Disaster
  • Rookery Building
  • Tours begin at the Hyatt Regency Chicago - 151 Upper East Wacker - inside main lobby near Concierge desk and end at the “Rookery” building at 209 South LaSalle.
  • Tours are held every Wednesday and begin at 1:00 pm and last 3 hours - maximum walking.
  • Minimum: 4 guests
  • 48 hour cancellation policy.

Pedway & Loop Tour

Come join us on our newest winter "Urban Safari. Explore some of the city's finest treasures located along the Pedway and in the heart of the "Loop"! View iconic buildings and artwork while listening to gripping tales of Chicago's past. Did Chicago's early skyscrapers actually float on rafts made up of concrete and steel?