History & Architecture Tour

Pedway & Loop Tour

The History and Architecture Tour begins sharply at 1:00 pm every Friday and departs from the Hyatt Regency Hotel - 151 East Upper Wacker - inside main lobby next to concierge desk. After a brief introduction, guests embark on this highly unique "Urban Safari" designed to examine some of the historical wonders and architectural gems scattered across the city. As guests explore the recesses of the Pedway inside its numerous passageways, they enjoy great history stories and stops along the route to interesting venues like Millennium Station, Chicago Cultural Center, Macy’s, Daley Center and City Hall. After City Hall, it is outside to scrutinize some of the world's surviving first modern skyscrapers! Guests will learn Chicago's role in these architectural monuments and view 3 shining examples of the early skyscraper with stops at the Marquette, Monadnock and "Rookery" Buildings.

Early in the tour, guests experience the hubbub of Millennium train station serving the city's south suburbs. Can you guess what famous blockbuster film that made its debut in 2008 shot a famous scene in Millennium Station?

At the Cultural Center, guests will view the world's largest Tiffany Dome while listening to stories about the Tiffany family of New York. Only one block away guests will view the world's largest Tiffany Ceiling in Macy's Department Store. The Daley Center is replete with stories of Chicago's past and present not to mention the spot leading to the demise of the infamous "Blues Mobile" featured in the "Blues Brothers" movie. City Hall's lobby is not only breathtaking but hurried and full of bustle as politicians make their way to and from the Mayor's Office or Chicago City Council Chambers located on the second floor.

From the friendly and cozy confines of City Hall, guests head outside to hunt down some of the city's and perhaps, world's first skyscrapers! First up is the Holabird and Roche jewel - Marquette Building. Guests will not only be taken in by its incredible exterior but truly awed by its stunning interior. From there, guests proceed south on Dearborn to the fabulous Monadnock Building - the crossroads of old and new world architecture. Guests will literally take a stroll back in time as they head inside and walk the timeless lobby of the Monadnock that dates back to 1891. And lastly, the Piece de resistance of Chicago Architecture - the fabulous "Rookery Building" located at 209 south LaSalle in the heart of the Loop and next door to the the world's oldest futures and options exchange - Chicago Board of Trade.

A restroom break and snacks stop are included in this exclusive tour.

History & Architecture Tour Highlights

  • Tour Duration: 3 hours
  • Millennium Station, Chicago Cultural Center, Great Chicago Fire, Macy’s Department Store, Block 37, Daley Plaza, Chagall Mosaic, Monadnock Building, Marquette Building, Wingfoot Express Disaster, Rookery Building
  • Tours begin at the Hyatt Regency Chicago - 151 Upper East Wacker - inside main lobby near Concierge desk and end at the “Rookery” building at 209 South LaSalle.
  • Tours are held every Friday and begin at 1:00 pm and last 3 hours - maximum walking.
  • FITBIT STEPS: 6,500
  • Minimum: 4 guests
  • 48 hour cancellation policy.

Pedway & Loop Tour

Come join us on our newest winter "Urban Safari. Explore some of the city's finest treasures located along the Pedway and in the heart of the "Loop"! View iconic buildings and artwork while listening to gripping tales of Chicago's past. Did Chicago's early skyscrapers actually float on rafts made up of concrete and steel? Just ask Archimedes for the answer!