Pedway Tour

The Pedway Tour begins at 1:00 pm sharp on Thursdays at the Hyatt Regency Hotel - 151 East Upper Wacker - inside main lobby next to the concierge desk. After a brief introduction, guests are swept immediately into the recesses of the Chicago Pedway. During this “Urban Safari”, guests learn all about the history of the Pedway and by use of our special tour map, navigate nearly 2 miles of this extraordinary subterranean network. As guests explore some of its numerous passageways, they enjoy stops along the route to interesting locales like the Aqua Building, Millennium Station, City Hall, Chicago Cultural Center, Macy’s and many more.

At the famous Aqua Building, guests will hear stories about Chicago’s pursuit to become the greenest friendly city in America and our embrace of L.E.E.D. certification. In addition, they will discuss one of the hottest architects in America - 2011 MacArthur Fellow recipient - Jeanne Gang of Chicago. After brief stops in the Aon and Prudential complexes, guests experience the hubbub of Millennium train station. Can you guess what famous blockbuster film that made its debut in 2008 shot a famous scene in Millennium Station?

At the Cultural Center, guests will view the world's largest Tiffany Dome while listening to stories about the Tiffany family of New York. Only one block away guests will view the world's largest Tiffany Ceiling in Macy's Department Store. The Daley Center is replete with stories of Chicago's past and present not to mention the spot leading to the demise of the infamous "Blues Mobile" featured in the "Blues Brothers" movie. City Hall's lobby is not only breathtaking but hurried and full of bustle as politicians make their way to and from the Mayor's office or Chicago City Council Chambers located on the second floor. And lastly, the tour concludes in Helmut Jahn's crown jewel - State of Illinois Building - 100 West Randolph.

During the journey, guests will be entertained with stories featuring Chicago history and popular culture and compete in a friendly trivia competition with prizes for the winners. A restroom and snack break is also part of the fun on this tour!

Pedway Tour Highlights

  • Tour Duration: 2 and 1/2 hours – maximum walking
  • Explore the hidden secrets and mysteries of the Chicago Pedway.
  • Hear entertaining stories featuring the buildings along, below and above the Pedway.
  • Learn about Chicago’s explosive past and hear interesting stories of some of city’s most fascinating characters.
  • Tours begin at the Hyatt Regency Chicago - 151 East Upper Wacker - inside main lobby near the Concierge desk and end at Thompson Center - 100 West Randolph.
  • Tours are held every Thursday at 1:00 pm - maximum walking.
  • FITBIT STEPS: 5,500
  • Tour Size Minimum: 4 Guests
  • Learn how the Pedway was impacted by the Great Chicago Flood!
  • Trivia contest
  • 48 hour cancellation policy.

“A Pedway Runs through It”!

The city of Chicago owes its winter existence to the Pedway and the Pedway owes its existence to the city! Come and learn the vital role the Pedway plays in the daily lives of the people who survive here during the city’s long and often bitter winters. Learn how the Pedway began and how it is evolved in one of the great Pedestrian transports in the world.


“Pedway Explorers Tour”

5 of 5 stars - reviewed 4-8-16

"This tour was fascinating for both lifelong Chicagoans (like me) and for those just visiting. Our guide Rick was the real deal, Witty, very knowledgeable, energetic and best of all armed with a real Chicago dialect born and bred from his southside roots. There's an entire city within a city underneath (and as we learned, sometimes above) the buildings, sidewalks of downtown Chicago. And those in the know use it to move from building to building, hotel to hotel, restaurant to restaurant, never having to come up to the elements which during the brutally hot summers and freezing cold winters is an excellent thing. Rick threw in plenty of trivia and facts and fascinating stories and we popped up out of the pedway to visit some of Chicago's beautiful structures but then back we went, moving stealthly through the underground city like we knew our stuff. Which we did after this most excellent tour. Loved it"

Daina L

Chicago, IL


“Pedway tour”

5 of 5 stars - reviewed March 2016

"Enjoyed this tour very much. Informed guide, moderate walking pace. Discovered the city within the city. Sprinkles of history, architecture and folk lore."

Kim C

Chicago. IL


“Great Pedway Tour”

5 of 5 stars - reviewed February 2016

"Daniel was a great tour guide, showing us the world beneath the city of Chicago! He was very knowledgable about the city and its history, made the pedway tour a great time."

Free b

Chicago, IL


“Warm When It's Cold”

5 of 5 stars - reviewed January 2016

"One not so cold Friday while visiting Chicago, took the Pedway Explorers Tour. Richard was our guide for the two hour + walk. Used trivia questions to keep us involved. That worked! Learned a lot about the history of the pedway and the City, in general. Followed map to get from the Chicago River at Wacker to Clark and Lake, rarely going outside. I thought the pedway would be less finished or attractive. Not at all. The walk is manageable and doesn't require the participants to be mountain goats. Nice pace."


St. Louis, MO