Pedway “Explorers” Tour

The Pedway (Pedestrian Walk-Way) spans nearly 5 miles in length and it is an assortment of underground corridors, building concourses, food courts, train stations and sky-bridges. It is the city’s secret weapon against the realities of Chicago’s harsh winter. During this “Urban Safari”, guests learn all about the history of the Pedway and by use of our special tour map, navigate nearly 2 and ¼ miles of this unique urban terrain. In addition, our tour guides take you to some interesting locales like City Hall, Chicago Cultural Center, Macy’s and many more. Along the way, guests hear interesting stories about Chicago’s past, present and future and revel in the stories of many of the city’s most colorful characters!

Pedway “Explorers” Tour Highlights

  • Tour Duration: 2 hours – maximum walking
  • Explore the hidden secrets and mysteries of the Chicago Pedway.
  • Hear entertaining stories featuring the buildings along, below and above the Pedway.
  • Learn about Chicago’s explosive past and hear interesting stories of some of city’s most fascinating characters.
  • Tours begin at 111 East Wacker - inside lower lobby and end at Thompson Center - 100 West Randolph.
  • Tours are held every Wednesday at 10:00 am and Friday at 1:00 pm - maximum walking.
  • Tour Size Minimum: 4 Guests
  • Learn how the Pedway was impacted by the Great Chicago Flood!
  • Trivia contest

“A Pedway Runs through It”!

The city of Chicago owes its winter existence to the Pedway and the Pedway owes its existence to the city! Come and learn the vital role the Pedway plays in the daily lives of the people who survive here during the city’s long and often bitter winters. Learn how the Pedway began and how it is evolved in one of the great Pedestrian transports in the world.