Chicago History Tour

History at its best!

The “story” of Chicago is an amazing account of how a swampland located at the intersection of a lazy prairie river and Lake Michigan transformed into one of the world’s leading “Alpha” cities. Listen as our tour guides thoughtfully describe those forging events that help shaped the city in to perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Enjoy viewing the numerous archival photos and listen closely to our guides stories that were each chosen specifically to bring Chicago’s history to life right before your eyes.

Chicago History Tour Highlights

  • Tour Duration: 2 and ½ hours – minimal walking
  • Please be advised, while these tours are conducted in Chicago’s indoor heated Pedway, these tours do not go into any detail about the use or history of the Pedway. If you are interested primarily in learning about the Pedway, please refer to our Pedway Explorers Tour.
  • History Tours begin at the Hyatt Regency Chicago - 151 East Upper Wacker - inside main lobby near Concierge desk and end at 35 West Wacker.
  • Tours are held every Thursday & Saturday at 1:00 pm - minimum walking.
  • 48 hour cancellation policy.
  • Minimum: 4 guests
  • Hear entertaining stories featuring the Fort Dearborn Massacre, Great Chicago Fire, 1893 World’s Fair, Burnham Plan, Union Stockyards and so many more!
  • Plenty of places to sit and relax while listening to great storytelling.
  • Learn about Chicago’s most fascinating characters including the architects, millionaires, vice figures and politicians!
  • Trivia contest

The History of the “Second City”

Did you ever wonder why Chicago is called the “Second City”? Most people believe that for decades that it was called such because Chicago was in fact second in population to New York City. However, the real reason for this moniker is because we built our city basically from ground up after the Great Chicago fire of 1871, and thus, we are the second version of this great city! If you are interested in learning more about Chicago from its early risings to its current standing as one of the world’s great “alpha” cities, please join us for an entertaining and informative walking excursion along the city’s indoor heated Pedway! Did Mrs. O’Leary’s cow really start the Great Fire? You will find the answer to that question and so many more by joining us Chicago’s History Pedway Tour!