“Devil in the White City” Plus

"All surprisingly beautiful--stupendous, amazing, unequalled" - Rutherford Hayes

For one shining moment, Chicago was the center of the galaxy. The world turned its attention fully on one of the most beautiful cities ever built or dreamed - the "Columbian Exposition of 1893". As one author put it, “nothing in Paris, Rome, or London was near as perfect as Chicago’s White City”!!

Come with us on this Bus and Walking Tour and experience many of the amazing features of not only the 1893 "Columbian Exposition" event but the "Century of Progress" in 1933-34 as well! Walk along the fairgrounds of both Fairs and relive what people saw for the first time during these colossal events. Learn what is what like to experience some of the following:

•Sitting atop the 25-story tall Ferris Wheel overlooking the world’s first “Midway” 123 years ago.

•Watching Sally Rand and Farida Mazhur allure admiring fans with their respective Fan Dance and Belly Dances

•Viewing racers in “rocket cars” traveling between 628-foot towers overlooking today’s Northerly Island.

•Touring the Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Building - so large you could fit the Great Pyramid of Giza, U.S. Capitol Bldg., St. Paul's Cathedral, Winchester Cathedral and Madison Square Garden inside!

•Walking in the wonder of Osaka Gardens that still flourish today on Wooded Island in Jackson Park.

Listen to gripping stories that feature some of the following; Thomas Edison, Walk Disney, Milton Hershey, L.Frank Baum, Helen Keller, Daniel Burnham, Louis Sullivan, H.H. Holmes and so many more. Did the Stock Market crash 3 days after Chicago was awarded the 1933 Fair? Why didn't the 1893 Fair have an official closing? What is left today from these Fairs? How many victims did the notorious H.H. Holmes murder during his reign of terror at the 1893 Fair? The answer to these questions and countless others are addressed on this tour.

Come prepared to partake in our celebrated World's Fair Trivia challenge with prizes awarded to the winners.

During the tour, guests will view guide books filled with carefully selected archive photos that fervently bring to life the glory of these wondrous feats!

“Devil in the White City” Plus Highlights

  • Tour Duration: 3 hours
  • Tours begin and end at Rock N Roll McDonald’s - 600 North Clark Street - east entrance.
  • Tours are conducted in comfortable air conditioned/heated coaches - no double-deck buses.
  • Sunday afternoon tours only.
  • Minimal level of walking - approximately 1/2 mile.
  • Tours begin at 1:00 pm sharp. Check-in begins at 12:30 pm. Restroom break half way through tour.
  • Guests will hear great stories including: the race for electricity, the serial killer known as H.H. Holmes, Star Rays from Arcturus and “My friend Elias”.
  • Reservations made by May 1 are only $28.
  • Trivia Challenge with prizes.



Reviewed October 19, 2015

"I'm sure 90% of Chicagoans have never seen the beauty of Jackson Park where the 1893 World's Fair was held. While walking on the tranquil BoboLink trail, you would never know you were just 5 miles from the bustling heart of the city. Dan, our guide, brought the scene to life with his interesting stories and vast knowledge of Chicago history. The 3 hour tour went by so fast, even for the 2 teenagers in my group-we were all fascinated by the hidden treasures we were introduced to. As a bonus, we visited the seldom remembered 1933 World's Fair site on the lakefront, where Dan enthralled us with trivia and anecdotes. It was a great learning experience for all of us-thank you so much for offering this tour Dan".

Jack D.

Tinley Park, IL


“World's Fair Tour” (5 of 5 stars)

Reviewed June 19, 2015 "My friend and I went on this tour. It was a great tour. We really enjoyed it - so much so we have booked another one - The South Side. We also want to book The North Side. Tour bus was very clean. Tour guide was great and so knowledgeable about Chicago. He also had a great sense of humor. Really kept things moving along. Also appreciated that he made "a bathroom stop" along the way. I believe they limit these tours to only 15 or so people which is very nice. Highly recommend."

C. Kucer

Chicago, IL


The Best Tour in Chicago (5 of 5 stars)

"I schedule group tours for a living, and can tell you hands down that Chicago's Finest truly does offer the best in Chicago! I just brought a group of 30 for the Chicago's World's Fairs tour and it exceeded expectations. Dan is a fabulous tour guide, with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm that brings history to life for the participants. Even seasoned Chicago history buffs learned something new and everyone had a fabulous time!"

Laura G,

Hoffman Estates


“World's Fair Tour” (5 of 5 Stars)

"Our group had a wonderful afternoon with Dan O'Connell visiting the sites of the World's Fairs! Dan is the best guide ever as he entertains you while educating you with so many interesting facts. We all enjoyed the tour & would highly recommend it. Not too much walking & yet we covered a large area. With pictures & words, Dan re-created the fairs so that we could visualize just how exciting they were!

Having taken other tours with Dan & Chicago's Finest Tours, we were once again impressed with his ability to design and execute a tour that delighted us and our friends!"

Sue G,

Bensenville, IL


“Great tour of the Columbian Exposition and 1933 World's Fair” (5 of 5 stars)

"Enjoyed the tour of the 1893 Columbian Exposition and 1933 World's Fair and got to see the Japanese Rose Garden. Dan was fun and very enjoyable to listen to and made the tour interesting - not boring in any way. I would totally recommend this tour to everybody especially fellow Chicagoans. I have lived here my whole life and did not know anything about where the Columbian Exposition was held, etc. My mind is full of facts now."


Chicago, IL